House System


Liberty Common High School House System


         House System Director                    Becky Salehi
Mrs. Becky Salehi

Assistant House System Director

Ashley McAllister 
Mrs. Ashley McAllister

                        Treasury Director                    Larry Currey
Mr. Larry Currey

 Fortitudinis House of 
 Rex Seiple
House Dean
Mr. Rex Seiple
 Jeremy Tullius
House Dean
Mr. Jeremy Tullius
 Gratitudinis Crest
House of 
 Dawn Karr 
House Dean
Mrs. Dawn Karr
 Dave Lunn
House Dean
Mr. Dave Lunn
 Justitiae House of
Jason Mayer 
House Dean
Mr. Jason Mayer
 Brian Stefanovic
House Dean
Mr. Brian Stefanović
Prudentiae  House of 
 Jared Dybzinski 
House Dean
Mr. Jared Dybzinski
 Kay Lannen
House Dean
Mrs. Kay Lannen
 Temperantiae House of
Lander Hultin
 House Dean
Mr. Lander Hultin
Meg Salazar 
House Dean
Mrs. Meg Salazar

The LCHS House System is a student organizational structure where all students in grades 9-12 are divided into five separate vertical groupings called Houses, each containing about 70-80 students and overseen by two faculty House Deans. Each House is led by two House Captains (seniors or juniors) elected by their housemates. Two School Captains elected by the high school students help lead all the Houses. The House System Director is a faculty member who directs the day-to-day operations of the House System.  The House System enhances the traditional horizontal groupings of school class/grade level by creating smaller integrated communities of students within the school which span grade levels and is designed to achieve specific academic and student life objectives including the following:

  • Providing a framework for student governance which allows opportunities for developing leadership skills in every student, as underclassmen and upperclassmen.
  • Increasing institutional and peer-to-peer support for each student.
  • Ensuring individual care for each student with at least two adults who will monitor and support his/her academic, social, moral, and behavioral growth.
  • Multiplying occasions to build strong, healthy student relationships.
  • Enhancing recruitment of new students.
  • Maintaining relationships with LCHS graduates.

Each House organizes various House events such as cookouts, service projects, teambuilding activities, outings, etc. and develops its own traditions, customs, symbols and crests. Each House also organizes various school-wide events such as social activities (dances, proms, etc.), competitions, guest lectures, spirit rallies, and service projects.

Each year the Houses compete for the Neenan (David & Sharon) Cup Award.  This award is given to the House that accumulates the most points in various diverse categories that accentuate academic, athletic, leadership, character and school-spirit excellence. The goal of the Neenan Cup is to promote healthy competition that boosts spirit and encourages student participation and interaction.

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