Academic Support

Mission Statement: The mission of the Academic Support Team (AST) is to provide every student access to a rigorous college preparatory through targeted teaching, skill building, and partnering with teachers, parents, to realize meaningful academic outcomes.

AST Services include working with students with Individualized Learning Plans (IEP), 504 Learning Plans, and AST provides academic services through short term and long term academic interventions.

The AST is located in Rooms 206B (Goethe), 206C (Fibonacci), and 208 (Mt. Olympus).

Additionally, AST coordinates the STAT team to determine individualized interventions and accommodations needed to support students in accessing general education. Student achievement and mastery of curriculum content are key objectives of the Academic Support Team. AST has created helpful online resources for students that are struggling or new to the school. Click the links below for helpful tips on organization, test preparation, note taking, and use of school technologies.

AST Links
Technology Resources
Liberty 101
AST 9th Hour
Note Taking
Organization and Planner
Reading Strategies
Study Skills
Tips for Parents

For more information or for assistance, please contact:

Janice Garland

LCHS AST Coordinator
Phone: 970.672.5496

Mackenzie Wiggs

Reading Interventionist
Phone: 970.672.5500 ext. 2063

Megan Messaros
Math and Science Interventionist
Phone: 970.672.5500 ext. 2062

Lynette Krueger
Phone: 970.672.5500