On Colorado’s state standardized testing assessment, Liberty Common High School’s students have consistently earned scores among the highest in the state for several years running. The LCHS math department maintains a tradition of excellence.

Building upon solid math concepts taught in the elementary grades, our students are years ahead of their peers by the time they enter college.

Our mathematics department offers a comprehensive study of high school mathematics from Algebra I through Calculus III and Statistics, in addition to a selection of highly specialized electives designed to give students a glimpse past the traditional curriculum. AP courses offered include AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and AP Statistics.  Concurrent enrollment through Front Range Community College is available for College Algebra, College Trigonometry, and Calculus III.  Our courses emphasize both conceptual understanding as well as procedural fluency of the mathematics being learned.

A major focus is placed on the study of functions throughout the curriculum, especially as they pertain to developing mathematical models to use in problem-solving situations.

Our faculty consists of caring and well-educated individuals who work at aiding students along their journey to master the necessary mathematical concepts and skills necessary to succeed in our technology-based society.

The high-quality LCHS instructors have proven classroom track records, private-sector, and real-world professional experience. Their standards are high. Their unparalleled skill in teaching young scholars the logical intricacies of mathematics fosters confidence and ordered thinking.

We encourage you to explore our website and curriculum maps or drop by LCHS to learn more about our program, faculty and other offerings.

Textbooks in use:

Math Placement Test Information:

Algebra I Math Placement Review Packet

Algebra II Math Placement Review Packet

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LCHS Math Department Faculty:


Mrs. Ashley McAllister
LCHS Math Department Head
(970) 672-5500

Mrs. Kay Lannen
LCHS Math & Engineering Instructor
(970) 672-5500

Mr. Torgun Lovely
LCHS Principal & Math Instructor
(970) 672-5500

Mrs. Becky Salehi
LCHS Math Instructor
(970) 672-5500