Liberty Common High School has a deep commitment to reflective engagement with the classical literary tradition and the life such reflection promotes. Our curriculum fosters careful reading, patient observation, and intelligent expression. By providing historical and canonical context and by inviting serious discussion on the greatest works of literature, Liberty’s English program requires students to grow in skill and understanding.

DanteIn concert with Liberty’s emphasis on character education, the study of literature deals directly with the human condition and the importance of moral responsibility. Indeed, the intellectual humility required to submit oneself to the great writers of the past is itself a step toward forming good habits of heart and mind.

Liberty’s English Department offers courses in western literature, British literature, American literature, composition, speech, debate, technical writing, and other electives. The department also offers AP English Literature and Composition and AP English Language and Composition.

The English instructors at LCHS are required to possess and to grow in knowledge and expertise. The combination of excellent faculty and rich curriculum has helped consistently produce top scores on the ACT, SAT, and AP English exams, along with Colorado’s various standardized assessments. More importantly, students graduate from Liberty with knowledge of the classics and high levels of verbal fluency and rhetorical skill. It is our hope that they also depart with greater wisdom, empathy, and good humor.

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