Tips for Parents

My junior high student is struggling to adjust to LCHS. How can I help them?

1. Make sure they have and use a planner. Forgetting about assignments is a major cause of missing homework. For tips see the AST's planner page. Make sure to check that they are completing their planner correctly.

2. Help them anticipate assessments so that they have more time to prepare. See the assessments page for typical dates of assessments. Students can also come to the AST in Room 206B to look at our whiteboard calendar of upcoming assessments.

3. Make sure they study Word Day (including lists that they have already been quizzed on) and Latin vocabulary for at least 15 minutes a day each. Using flashcards or Quizlet is recommended. See the Technology Resources page for links to the Quizlet lists. Students should work on their reading logs, for at least 25 minutes a day. If your student tells you they "have no homework" you should be highly skeptical.

‚Äč4. Check Powerschool with your student on a weekly basis. Look for any assignments marked with a "missing flag", any entered as "0", and any that do not have a grade entered. Make sure they write these assignments in their planners and take appropriate steps to communicate with teachers about making them up.

5. Make sure your student is keeping their materials organized. Losing assignments or forgetting to bring them home is a major cause of missing homework. Students should have a separate binder for their materials in each class. Teachers typically provide guidelines as to how these binders should be organized in their syllabi. More supplies may be necessary, as per the teacher. For more tips on how to organize these binders, see the Powerpoint Presentation at the top of the Organization and Planner page.

6. Help your students find an environment conducive to studying. This may require you to keep them accountable for their study habits. For more tips on this see the AST's Study Skills page. Have a conversation with your student about how to identify ways they can study more effectively.

7. Require your student to stay for 9th hour. This can be a key time to see teacehers for extra help on tricky concepts, to track down missing work, to make up assignments, like labs, that must be performed in class, or to complete homework in a learning-conducive environment. Not every teacher is available every day for help, so your student might need some assistance in strategically planning which teachers to see each day. This is a good thing to write in the student's planner at the beginning of the week. See the AST's 9th hour page for details on the AST's study halls.

8. If none of the above seem to be helping your student or those tips to not address your student's challenges, read more about Liberty 101 and consider whether it might help them.
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