Organization and Planner

What Supplies Do I Need?
The LCHS faculty has assembled a list of supplies (see below) that they suggest students obtain before the start of or early in the school year. Lacking some of these supplies can severely hinder a student's ability to stay organized and could even hurt their grade. Because of this, it's important that students are proactive in gathering these supplies and are vigilant in keeping track of them. If student is missing some of these supplies, they can ask to see if AST has extras. They should also check the "Re-usables" shelves in the the Foreign Language classrooms. Students who have extra, gently-used school supplies can place them in re-usables at any time throughout the year. This is both a sustainable practice and can help a classmate in need. Read the following supply list carefully, as some of these only apply if you're enrolled in particular classes.

High School Supplies List

Junior High Supplies List

How To Organize Your Binders

Every academically-related piece of paper should be kept in its proper place in a binder. You should never keep papers tucked between the pages of your textbooks.

Keeping your binders organized can be a lot of work. During 9th hour, you can come to AST for organization help and supplies.

Locker Tips:
  • Stack binders vertically
  • Label spines of binders and books for easy access
  • Use hooks to keep clothes and other items out of the way
Do's and Don'ts Powerpoint


Planner Tips: 

  • Suggested planner size: approx. 11in x 8in
  • One line per class
  • Pre-labeled boxes with the days of the week
  • Record every class, even if there is no homework. Use ----- or 
  • Leave a blank if you do not know the assignment, then find out during 9th hour (visit teachers, go to AST)
  • Take advantage of your school account, and set up a Google calendar.  See the slideshow below for tips, then open this link to get started.
  • If you forgot any homework assignments, double check the AST's homework spreadsheet. The spreadsheets are sorted into folders by month. Assignments posted without a due date are assumed to be due the following school day.
  • Keep an eye on upcoming project due dates and assessments with LCHS's calendar.
    • WARNING! The spreadsheets and calendar are compiled to the best of the ability of the LCHS faculty, may contain inaccuracies and does not cover every class at the school. The student is ultimately responsible for their own assignments. Mistakes on the spreadsheet or calendars are not an excuse for missing an assignment or not preparing for a test.
    • If you are looking to catch up on coursework after an absence, you should still ask your teachers about what you missed because these calendars do not track assignments that were completed during class time.
Example Planners:
Helpful Hint: Include an approximate amount of time for each assignment
to plan which assignments to do, and in what order
Example Planner

An alternative to the traditional planner is Google Calendar. Below are instructions to get you started creating events.

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