AST 9th Hour

Study Halls                      Study Hall
  • Study Hall on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in Room 206B with Ms. Hart.
    • This study hall is primarily for 7th graders. All students attending must be actively working on academic assignments or organizing materials.
      • If a student completes their written homework, they are expected to study quietly the remainder of the period or request a pass to a different 9th hour.
    • Talking is expected to be quiet and should regard only an assignment on which students are currently collaborating.
    • Chromebooks may be used with the express permission of an AST member. A variety of other helpful academic materials can also be used including calculators, scissors, tape, binder tabs, whiteboards, glue, rulers, colored pencils, and more.
    • AST members (and sometimes peer tutors) will be present to provide individualized, academic assistance upon request.
    • "The Light Game": If all students are quietly on task, an AST member will flip a switch to turn on colored lights on the wall. This also triggers a clock to record the amount of time students are on task. When some students get off-task, the teacher will flip the lights off, stopping the clock and prompting students to refocus. If, at the end of the 25-minute period, the clock says that students had been on task for 20 minutes, every student gets to take a piece of candy. If not, no students get candy.
      • The AST has found this is more effective and less disruptive way of keeping students on-task, while also allowing AST members to remain engaged with individual tutoring rather than acting as monitors.
      • If a parent would prefer that their student does not receive candy, they can contact the AST to request that.
  • Study Hall on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in Room 206C with Ms. Wiggs.
    • This study hall is open to students of all grade levels. Students are expected to be actively working on academic assignments. 
    • While talking is less discouraged in this study hall, speaking volume should be kept at a reasonable volume.
    • Ms. Wiggs is available to provide one student at a time with help on writing assignments.
    • Chromebooks may be used with the express permission of an AST member.
    • Students may retrieve academic supplies from next door in 206B.

Testing                                     Testing
Students who need to finish or makeup a test for a class may do so in the offices in Room 206B or 208, with permission from an AST member. 

Two students cannot take the same test in the same office simultaneously without an adult supervisor.
Students taking tests in AST msut make prior arrangements with their teachers to do so. The teacher should place the test in one of the AST's "Test's Not Finished" drawers for the student to retrieve. When completing a test, a student should place the test in the "Tests Finished" drawer. AST will distribute these tests to teachers at the end of the day. Students cannot bring their tests back to their classrooms unattended.

If the student needs to leave AST without completing a test, they should return it to the "Tests Not Finished Drawer." Warning! Students need to be aware if their teacher requires them to finish a test within a single sitting or within a single day. Not following these requirements may result in an incomplete test being turned in as is and blank portions being scored as a "0."

Junior High 9th Hour Extra Help Schedule
These are the days that teachers are available during 9th hour to help students with their coursework or make up in-class assignments that require supervision (like labs). Some teachers have very limited availability because they are involved with lots of extracurricular activities, so students will need to take the earliest opportunity they get to work with them.

School-wide 9th Hour Schedule
If AST's 9th hour is not for your student or if they are doing well academically and would prefer to participate in an extracurricular activity, see the below schedule to help them plan their 9th hours.

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