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Order System Overview

The LCHS Order System is a student-organizational structure designed to manage LCHS junior-high students to achieve specific academic and student-life objectives.  The system supplants the traditional student council governing structure by creating smaller integrated communities of students (~30 students per Order, ~15 from each grade) within the school thus providing a framework for student governance allowing greater opportunity for development of meaningful leadership.
There are six different Orders, all competing for the Purple Duck.
The Liberty Common High School Orders are:

Order of Atlantis ---- The Krakens
Order of Camelot ---- The Knights & Ladies
Order of Delphi ---- The Pythons
Order of Elysium ---- The Warriors
Order of Erebor ---- The Dragons
Order of Valhalla ---- The Vikings 


  1. To increase institutional and peer-to-peer support for each student.
  2. To ensure individual care for each student by the order deans who will monitor and support the academic, social, moral and behavioral growth of each LCHS student.
  3. To multiply occasions to build strong, healthy student relationships.
  4. To develop leadership skills in every student.
  5. To enhance recruitment of new students.

 Unique Outcomes for LCHS:

  1. Enhanced school-family spirit in the 7th and 8th grade classes.
  2. More robust opportunities for LCHS junior high students to be trained as leaders through hands-on service gaining meaningful valuable leadership experience.
  3. Stronger interpersonal relationship skills for each LCHS student.
  4. More focused support internalizing LCHS character development.

Order System Terminology

OrderA group of approximately 30 students in the 7th and 8th grade.

Order NamesTo be named after fictional locations referred to in the Core Knowledge Literature Sequence, including a mascot that is associated with that location.

Order Director – The faculty member who directs the day-to-day operations of the Order System, including leading Lyceums, meeting regularly with Administration, managing the budget and accounting of the budget, training the student Order Leaders.

Assistant Order Director – The faculty member who will keep track of Order points; plan, coordinate and lead Order Competitions; assist the Director wherever needed.

Order Dean – A faculty member chosen to oversee the effective development of an Order. Each Order will have a partnership of 2 Deans.

Order Leaders – Students in each Order chosen by their order mates to lead, to convene and to organize the Order representing it at all school-wide student-governance meetings. Every Order chooses two Order Captains, one from the 7th and one from the 8th grade. Every Order also chooses two Executive Officers, one from each grade.

      Order Captain

  • Serves as Primary leader
  • Completes Event Packets
  • Reports directly to Order Deans and Order Director
  • Attends weekly Order Leader meetings on Mondays, 9th hour
  • Reports updates on upcoming events and feedback on completed events during order time and order leadership weekly meetings.
  • Delegates responsibilities for major and minor events to the Executive Officers
  • Collaborates with their Executive Officers to plan order lunch activities and Order Times

     Executive Officer

  • Serves as Secondary leader
  • Reports directly to Order Captains and Order Deans
  • Attends weekly Order Leader meetings on Mondays, 9th hour
  • Executes directives for major and minor events given to them by the Order Captains.
  • Plans and organizes order lunch time and Order meeting time activities.
  • Represents their Order at the JH Lyceums.

2017-2018 VIP's

   Order Director            Assistant Order Director

Order Director- Paulina Deitrick       &          Assistant Order Director- Jean Bradley
     Paulina Deitrick                                 Jean Bradley

Order Deans:

Order of Atlantis
Rex Seiple    &    Mrs. Mary Renstrom
Rex Seiple                                ​Mary Renstrom

Order of Camelot
Lander Hultin   &    Elizabeth Ogg
     Lander Hultin                       Elizabeth Ogg

Order of Delphi
Leslie Fowler   &    Ken Vetter
    Leslie Fowler                           Ken Vetter

Order of Elysium
Stanton Skerjanec    &   Dr. Barbara Werner
   Stanton Skerjanec               Dr. Barbara Werner

Order of Erebor
Bill Kranz   &   Ms. Gwen McIrvin
        Bill Kranz                           Gwen McIrvin

Order of Valhalla
Larry Currey   &   TJ Norris
       Larry Currey                          TJ Norris

                    Order Leaders (Photos Coming Soon)

Order of Atlantis Captains
Giselle Jurgens & Kavya Kaushik
Order of Atlantis Executive Officers
Paige Langford & Claire Casperson

Order of Camelot Captains
Sydney Reinke & Nina Meeder
Order of Camelot Executive Officers
Carter Conrady & Sebastian Borch

Order of Delphi Captains
Sophia Solis & Hannah Denton
Order of Delphi Executive Officers
Ellen Benz & Elyse Furuiye

Order of Elysium Captains
Skyler Mayse & Jett Nielsen
Order of Elysium Executive Officers
Nicole Dille & Mason Sanfilippo

Order of Erebor Captains
Dharini Sriram & Benjamin Lynch
Order of Erebor Executive Officers
Jasper Cox & Rooker Bodley

Order of Valhalla Atlantis Captains
Sawyer Kent & Kate Suchowski
Order of Valhalla Executive Officers
Marissa Trujillo & Andrew Fusher

   Appointed Officers (Photos Coming Soon)

Treasurer:​ Riley Neuwald
​Secretary:​ Henry Halgren
Games Director: Josh Salehi

The Story Of The Mighty Purple Duck

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