Teacher Wishlist

Tiffany Burgess
Catherine Burke
Paulina Dietrick
Jared Dybzinski
Meg S
Janice Garland
Rachel Hart
Dawn Karr
Dan Knab
Bill Kranz
Kay Lannen
Torgun Lovely
Dave Lunn
Ashley McAllister
Donny Reeves
Robert Robinson
Becky Salehi
Dom Scarlett
Natalie Scarlett
Bob Schaffer
Rex Seiple
Wade Torgeson
Ken Vetter
Barb Werner
Mackenzie Wiggs

Tiffany Burgess – Admin. Assistant

Candy Bar Darkk Chocolate
Snack Food Cashews and Almonds
Restaurant Any
Store/s Hobby Lobby, Tuesday Morning
Type of Music Christian
Hobby/s Flowrs, gardening, fishing
Tear/Coffee Vanilla Latte, Ducht Bros
Theater or Movie Love going to the Moviees
Sports Team N/A
Other Suggestion Gift cards to Amazon


Catherine Burke – Admin. Assistant

Candy Bar Luna Bars, 3 Musketeers
Snack Food Salty goodies like popcorn or anything baked, sans nuts of course!
Restaurant Tasty Harmony, Taj Mahal, Silver Grill, Avo’s, Genoa
Soda N/A
Type of Music Anything played on 97.3 KBCO
Book or E-Book Book
Author Tess Gerritsen, Charlaine Harris, Kate Mosse
Store Target, White Balcony, Macy’s, FC Food Co-op
Sports Team N/A
Collectibles N/A
Hobby Skiing, biking, reading
Tea or Coffee Tea (chai)
Theater or Movie Rental Movie rental
Classroom N/A
Other gift suggestions Amazon or DBA gift cards; LCHS gear
Allergies/Food Sensitivities/Dislikes Tree nut allergies

Paulina Dietrick – Spanish

Candy Bar Twix, Milky Way, Snickers, Kit Kat
Snack Food Cheetos & Pringles original chips/ Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie
Restaurant Rodizio Grill, Pho Dui, Applebee’s & Outback
Soda Fanta, Orange Crush, Coke Zero
Type of Music Morrissey, Depeche Mode, The Beatles, Savage Garden, etc.
Book or E-Book E-book
Author E-book/ Kindle fire from Amazon
Store Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target
Sports Team None
Collectibles Penguins
Hobby Reading, ice fishing & skating, swimming, etc.
Tea or Coffee Tea: Earl Grey or English breakfast, (any black teas)
Theater or Movie Rental Theater
Classroom Classic Spanish literature novels, please email me.
Other gift suggestions Gift cards from Amazon

Jared Dybzinski – English

Candy Bar Snickers
Snack Food
Restaurant Downtown Fort Collins
Soda Diet Coke
Type of Music Classical symphonies and jazz
Author George Herbert, Wendell Berry, The Church Fathers
Store Amazon
Sports Team Liverpool (soccer), Chicago Cubs, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bears
Hobby Fly Fishing
Tea or Coffee Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental Theater
Other gift suggestions Amazon gift card

Meg Salazar – Art

Candy Bar Any wheat-free candy
Snack Food
Restaurant Downtown Fort Collins
Type of Music iTunes
Author C.S. Lewis, Steinbeck
Store JAX, REI, Art Supply stores
Sports Team Liberty Eagles!
Hobby Anything Art! Reading, Journaling, Rock Climbing, Photography, Live Performances (ie. Plays & concerts)
Tea or Coffee Neither
Theater or Movie Rental Both
Classroom Art History games, artificial plants, sharpies of all colors, fine tip brushes, art poster prints, autobiographies by any artist on my curriculum maps, instrumental music playlists on CDs
Other gift suggestions
Allergies/Food Sensitivities/Dislikes Wheat allergy

Janice Garland – AST

Candy Bar
Snack Food
Restaurant Noodles, Outback, New Moon, Genoa, Q-doba
Type of Music ITunes gift card
Store Barnes & Noble, REI
Sports Team
Tea or Coffee Kcups, Starbucks
Theater or Movie Rental Movie Theater
Classroom Notebook paper, Kleenex
Other gift suggestions A card with your thoughts

Rachel Hart– AST/JH Basketball coach

Candy Bar

Almond joy, Ghirardelli Cherry Tango (or anything chocolate)

Snack Food

Fresh Fruit, Chex mix, BBQ Chips, Muffins


Chili’s, Spoons, Panera Bread, Culvers


Priscilla Shrier


Barnes & Noble, Hobby Lobby, Target


I enjoy journaling, so nice pens and journals are always appreciated. I also enjoy running and being outside.

Tea or Coffee


Theater or Movie Rental

Movie Theater


Notebook paper

Other gift suggestions

I also enjoy face masks, and fun spa things as well.

Dawn Karr – Science

Candy Bar Peanut Butter M&M’s
Snack Food Trail Mix
Restaurant Olive Garden, Starbucks, any steakhouse
Type of Music
Book or E-Book
Store Barnes & Noble, Target
Sports Team NASCAR-Dale Earnhardt Jr., Colorado Rockies, Denver Broncos
Collectible Christmas things, Teacherish things
Hobby Running
Tea or Coffee Both
Theater or Movie Rental Loveland Metrolux
Other gift suggestions
Allergies/Food Sensitivities/Dislikes


Dan Knab – Athletic Director

Candy Bar Hot Tamales, Cinnamon Bears, Butter Finger
Snack Food Planters Nuts (Mixed, Light Salt)
Restaurant CB Potts, Suehiro
Soda Fruit Punch Gatorade
Type of Music Christian
Book or E-Book Lone Survivor
Author Vince Flynn, Lee Child, C.J. Box, Robert Ludlum
Store Kohl’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods
Sports Team CSU, Liberty, Nuggets, Broncos
Collectible Challenge Coins
Hobby Fishing, Ping Pong
Tea or Coffee Starbucks
Theater or Movie Rental Cinemark
Classroom Computer Speakers
Other gift suggestions CSU football or basketball tickets

Bill Kranz – Director of IT\Computer Science

Candy Bar Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Snack Food
Restaurant Young’s Austin’s
Soda None
Type of Music Bouncy, positive, uplifting & classical
Author Isaac Asimov
Store Amazon.com
Sports Team Liberty Eagles
Collectible Experiences
Hobby Computers, Bicycling, Gardening
Tea or Coffee No!
Theater or Movie Rental
Other gift suggestions Anything computer-related

Kay Lannen – Math/Engineering

Candy Bar Dark Chocolate
Snack Food Granola bars, Cookies, Brownies
Restaurant Rustic Oven, Carrabbas
Soda 100% Juice
Type of Music Classical, Jazz, Rock
Store Barnes & Noble
Sports Team Colorado Rockies, CSU Rams
Hobby REI, JAX (Outdoor Gear)
Tea or Coffee DazBog, Starbucks
Theater or Movie Rental
Classroom LEGOS (especially Technic), Extra Long Computer Network cables, Power Strips/Surge Protectors
Other gift suggestions

Torgun Lovely – Principal/Math

Candy Bar Peanut M&Ms, Burnt Peanuts, Chick-O-Stick
Snack Food Pringles, Crunch-N-Munch
Restaurant Pueblo Viejo, East Moon, Nordy’s
Soda Gatorade, Juice
Type of Music Neil Diamond, 80’s Rock, Big Hair Bands, iTunes
Author Vince Flynn, Tom Clancy
Store Amazon.com, Wal-Mart, JAX
Sports Team Red Sox, Broncos, Celtics, Colorado State Rams
Hobby Fishing, Golf
Tea or Coffee Starbucks, Genoa
Theater or Movie Rental Cinemark, iTunes
Other gift suggestions Golf Gift Certificates, Sporting Event Tickets, Old Town (DBA) Gift Cards, LCHS apparel

Dave Lunn – Music

Candy Bar
Snack Food Peanut Butter M&M’s
Restaurant Austin’s, Qdoba
Soda Izze
Type of Music Jazz, Alt. Rock, World Music
Author Adventure/Outdoor – type books or Classic Fiction
Store JAX, Barnes & Noble
Sports Team
Collectible Unusual musical instruments
Hobby Running, Mountain-climbing
Tea or Coffee Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental Theater
Classroom Percussion Instruments
Other gift suggestions Any outdoorsy or mountain-oriented thing

Ashley McAllister – Math

Candy Bar Dark chocolate, Nerds rope, Swedish fish, Haribo Gold Bears
Snack Food Pretzels, Chex Mix, brownies
Restaurant Bisetti’s, Spoons, Mad Greens, QDoba, Panera
Soda Fanta Orange Soda, Diet Coke, Dry Vanilla Bean Soda
Type of Music
Author Math history books
Store Old Navy, Target, Barnes & Noble, Charming Charlie, King Soopers, ToysRUs, Hobby Lobby
Sports Team Broncos
Hobby Sewing and crafting, camping, BBQs, Park with kids and dog
Tea or Coffee Decaf Tea, Decaf coffee, or Starbucks
Theater or Movie Rental Cinemark
Classroom Math posters or math art, mug, pen organizer, Colored pens, post-its, Classroom podium
Other gift suggestions iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card

Donny Reeves – Physical Education/Wood Shop

Candy Bar Whatchamacallit and Cherry taffy bars
Snack Food Chex mix and corn nuts (any flavors)
Restaurant Red Robin, Red Lobster, Hacienda Real
Soda Dr. Pepper
Type of Music Anything upbeat and good for gym class
Store Jax, Sportsmans Warehouse, Kohl’s
Sports Team Broncos!
Collectible Items Labrador Retriever Items
Hobby Hunting, fishing, All sports
Tea or Coffee Flavored Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental Theater
Classroom Any decent shape P.E. equipment
Other gift suggestions

Robert Robinson – Asst. Principal\History

Candy Bar
Snack Food
Restaurant Something with a branch in Loveland
Soda Diet Coke, Diet Mountain Dew
Type of Music
Author Any
Store Barnes & Noble, JAX
Sports Team Ohio State Buckeyes
Hobby Reading, Chess, birdwatching
Tea or Coffee neither
Theater or Movie Rental Theater
Classroom books on WWII for junior high
Other gift suggestions

Becky Salehi – Math

Candy Bar Mini Chewy Sweetarts, Snickers, Reeses’s
Snack Food pistachios
Restaurant Suehiro, Snooze, Jax, Qdoba, Café Athens
Soda Pepsi
Type of Music Christian
Store HomeGoods, Target, Old Navy
Sports Team San Jose Sharks, Dodgers
Collectible Vintage “math” stuff
Hobby home décor and gardening
Tea or Coffee Iced Chai, or Arizona/Lipton/Xing GREEN tea(any flavor)
Theater or Movie Rental either
Classroom Podium
Other gift suggestions paint or Lowes/Home Depot gift card for classroom decor

Dom Scarlett -AST

andy Bar Dark Choclate
Snack Food Beef Jerky
Restaurant Saigon Grill, Yeh's Poke Station
Gift Cards Amazon, Target, King Soopers, Southwest Airlines
Sports Team Detroit Lions
Tea or Coffee Both
Theater or Movie Rental AMC
Classroom Material Notebook paper, Kleenex, Educationally themed decor low maintenance plants, candy

Collectible Dinosaur -themed objects.

Natalie Scarlett
– English


Candy Bar Mounds, Heath, Twizzler
Snack Food Sun chips, Terra chips, seaweed snacks
Restaurant 415, Suehiro, Cafe de Bangkok, Chipotle
Soda Ginger Ale
Type of Music Bluegrass, Classical, Indie, Jazz, Blues
Book or E-Book Prefer Books: New Yorker short stories, essay collections, poetry, “The Pale King”
Author David Foster Wallace, Virginia Woolf, Anne Carson
Store Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods, REI
Sports Team
Collectible Teacups with saucers, cookbooks
Hobby Cycling, theatre, poetry, cooking, reading, local food, preserving
Tea or Coffee PG Tips tea bags, Twinings loose black tea, Peets coffee
Theater or Movie Rental Village Vidiot
Classroom 2 small plant tables, posters, air conditioner
Other gift suggestions Framed art prints or antique book covers.
Allergies/Food Sensitivities/Dislikes Nope!
Other notes I don’t have pets or kids.

Bob Schaffer – Head Master

Candy Bar Twix
Snack Food Chocolate-covered raisins
Restaurant Anything ethnic
Soda Diet Pepsi
Type of Music Bluegrass
Book or E-Book Founding Father biographies
Author Victor Davis Hanson
Sports Team LCHS
Collectible Ukrainian folk art
Hobby Ukrainian folk art
Tea or Coffee Dark, bold, decaf
Theater or Movie Rental None
Classroom None
Other gift suggestions Anything Catholic
Allergies/Food Sensitivities/Dislikes None

Rex Seiple – Art

Candy Bar Any
Snack Food Any
Restaurant Garbanzo, Carrabba’s, Tres Margaritas
Soda Ginger Ale – especially uncommon brands
Type of Music Eclectic
Book or E-Book Book
Author Any good history or biography, such as Edmund Morris. Any good new or classic Sci Fi such as Terry Pratchett.
Store Jax, Amazon, Jerry’s Artarama, Hobby Lobby, Blick, Kohl’s, Target, Barnes & Noble, Village Flat Shoppe
Sports Team Not into sports
Collectible Any good art history book, Star Trek, Doctor Who
Hobby Backpacking, whittling, board games, film history, painting/drawing/sculpting
Tea or Coffee Chai – not a coffee drinker
Theater or Movie Rental Theater
Classroom Storage bins with lids; old calendars, etc. with great art on them
Other gift suggestions
Allergies/Food Sensitivities/Dislikes Dairy


Wade Torgeson – Physical Education

Candy Bar Reese’s
Snack Food Beef Jerky
Restaurant Chili’s
Soda Mountain Dew
Type of Music Everything
Author None
Store Any Sporting Goods Store
Sports Team Chicago Bears
Hobby Staying Alive
Tea or Coffee Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental Movie Rental
Classroom Things that organize my desk
Other gift suggestions

Ken Vetter – Science

Candy Bar Milky Way or Reese’s
Snack Food Animal Crackers
Restaurant Old Chicago’s
Soda Diet Anything
Type of Music Light Rock
Author Tom Clancy
Store Home Depot
Sports Team Broncos
Hobby Fishing
Tea or Coffee Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental
Classroom Long Lighters
Other gift suggestions
Allergies/Food Sensitivities/Dislikes None

Barb Werner – Latin/History

Candy Bar Chocolate
Snack Food Trail mix, Nuts, Popcorn
Restaurant Applebee’s, Mimi’s, Chili’s, Olive Garden, BJ’s, Red Lobster, Outback
Soda None
Type of Music Classical, Opera, French contemporary/traditional
Author History, adventure, mystery
Store Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, Lowe’s, Home Depot
Sports Team None
Collectible French, Roman, Ancient Greek stuff
Hobby Reading, dogs, walking/hiking, gardening, DIY home projects
Tea or Coffee Starbucks
Theater or Movie Rental Metrolux
Classroom Air conditioning
Other gift suggestions
Allergies/Food Sensitivities/Dislikes None

Mackenzie Wiggs – English/AST

andy Bar Chocolate and peanut butter
Snack Food Granola bars - any kind
Restaurant Noodles and Company, Dutch Brothers, Downtown Fort Collins
Soda Dr. Pepper
Type of Music
Book or E-Book
Author John Green
Store Barnes & Noble, Target
Sports Team
Collectible Star Wars and Harry Potter memorabilia
Tea or Coffee Both
Theater or Movie Rental Theater
Classroom Notebook paper, highlighters, or fun colored pens, book/author posters
Other gift suggestions Anything book nerd related!
Allergies/Food Sensitivities/Dislikes none

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