LCHS Student Travel

LCHS Student Travel

Mr. Kem organized and led the first LCHS excursion abroad, Bell’Italia in March 2012, featuring students, parents, and teachers.

Liberty Common High School is committed to giving its students the best educational opportunities available. We have partnered with EF Educational Tours since 2012 and have offered trips to Italy, Greece, Spain, and Germany over spring break, with many more planned for the coming years!

Mr. Kem went on an educational trip to Italy as a high school student way back in the 90s and started talking about the prospect with Liberty students as soon as the expansion plans began. After extensive research concluding with the selection of EF, he’s both led trips and helped other LCHS instructors organize their own. Please don’t hesitate to email him with any questions or suggestions.

EF has treated LCHS students well, including incredible scholarship opportunities. Click here to read all about Class of 2013 Alumna Elizabeth Sherman’s experience on her free trip to Spain!

LCHS Trips in 2017-2018:

Mr. Tullius is organizing a school trip to Ireland and England. In the early summer of 2018, Mr. Tullius and Mrs. Scarlett will lead a journey that includes time in Dublin, a stop in Wales, a visit to Shakespeare’s birthplace, and three days in beautiful London, wandering among its numerous historical sites and museums. Have a look at our itinerary here. All Liberty students in high school during 2017-2018 are eligible to attend. Parents, guardians, and graduates are also most welcome! Please email Mr. Tullius for more information.

LCHS Trips in 2016-2017:

Mrs. Deitrick is heading back to Costa Rica in March 2017 over spring break!

Mr. Kem is heading back to Italy and Greece in June 2017 with a new itinerary! Please let Mr. Kem know if you’re interested! Current 9th graders are eligible only if a parent or older sibling also enrolls. Alumni are more than welcome! We’ve picked the best itinerary possible, which leaves nothing out! This will be the longest trip in LCHS history and the most comprehensive educational experience ever! View or download the itinerary here. Enrollment has opened! You can enroll right now here: Splendors of the Mediterranean

Mrs. Deitrick is going to the Dominican Republic during the summer of 2017!

Previous LCHS Trips:

Charting the Galápagos Islands (June 2016) - Mrs. Deitrick and Mrs. Karr led a trip to the Galapagos Islands during the summer of June 2016.

Austria, Germany, and Switzerland (March 2016) - Mr. Lunn led his second educational journey to Austria, Germany and Switzerland in March of 2016. Highlights included Vienna, Munich, Neuschwanstein Castle, Salzburg, Innsbruck, the Alps, Mozart’s birthplace, and lots of chocolate!

England, France, and Spain (March 2016) – Spanish teacher Mrs. Deitrick and English teacher Mrs. Scarlett traveled to nine cities, adding several extra excursions.

Best of England (June 2015)Mr. Kem led LCHS’s first trip to England and his fourth trip overall.

Discover Costa Rica (March 2015)Mrs. Deitrick led her first LCHS trip through EF. This was LCHS’s second trip to a Spanish-speaking country.

Rome and Paris (March 2015)Dr. Werner led French students on her first LCHS trip through EF.

Grand Tour of Italy (March 2014) - Mr. Kem returned to Italy for the fourth time on his second LCHS Italy trip and third LCHS trip overall.

Austria, Germany, and Switzerland (March 2014)Mr. Lunn led his first LCHS trip abroad for music students.

Spanish Fiesta (March 2013)Mrs. Tricola led her first LCHS trip to Spain, which featured students in upper-level Spanish classes and their parents.

Grecian Odyssey (March 2013)Mr. Kem returned to Greece for the first time since 1999 and took three LCHS students (including one on her second LCHS trip), one parent, and one grandparent.

Bell’Italia (March 2012)Mr. Kem took 20 LCHS Latin students, four parents, and two LCHS History instructors on the first LCHS trip abroad.

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